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The Wonderer
Jan 1, 2008

When you travel long enough and become a stranger to every land you step on, you stop having a journey, but the journey starts having you. A motorcycle passes by very close with a groovy sound and disturbs the balance of my bicycle. I see the rider with leather jacket, leather pants and leather everything. He seems as owned by the journey as I am, fixating to the horizon wondering what the Master Road will give or take. The unknown makes us slaves. On the road, no matter how hard you plan and prepare yourself there is always something that will give you the chills, shake you to your bones and make you question yourself about your abilities. I don’t remember how many times I gave up this trip after having a flat tire or falling down or it suddenly started to rain. I began the trip that many times, as a loyal slave of the unknown. Then, why do the people who are searching for the unknown behave like masters of the universe? I guess there is a difference between living the unknown with all its inconveniences and observing it in labs under controlled conditions. The road is fairly narrow and when a vehicle passes me by I can feel the heat of its engines. It is not a good feeling even when the weather is very cold and your body desperately wants to warm up. I see one car coming towards me. It is better when a car comes from behind and you don’t see and experience this closeness as much. It is strange to have moments when you prefer less control over more control because more control will give you dilated pupils and a pounding heart. Every once in a while the unknown covers your back and you like him a little. The car is approaching, I am pedaling. It is a yellow beetle. I like its color.