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Love: The Fuel of the Universe
Apr 1, 2002

Love is the most essential component, most vivid light, and greatest power in every living creature. It can defeat any enemy.

Loveless spirits have no chance to become fully human. Even if they lived for hundreds of years, they would go no further than an infant in terms of maturity. Such love-deprived people can neither love others nor feel or sense love, and so remain trapped in their egos' dark mazes unaware of the love cherished in creation's heart.

The first thing all infants encounter is love. They sense the spirit of compassion and grow by leaning on hearts beating with love. Later on they may or may not find this love again, even though they search for and run after it constantly.

The sun's face bears the marks of love. Water vapor rises toward that love, flies due to that love's power, and then falls on the beloved Earth. All flowers smile at passers-by with that same love. The dew on the leaves twinkles and dances with love, while all animals and birds twitter together in a great choir of love.

Every creature tries to show and express a piece of this encompassing love through its perfectly composed and magnificent symphony.

Caring for others and sometimes living for others, very virtuous human qualities to which all should aspire, are the results of love. The greatest heroes are those who have a larger share of love in, as well as those who have removed hatred and malice from, their hearts.

The shortest way to conquer people's hearts is that of love, the way followed by all Prophets. No door remains closed to such people. Even if it were possible that some doors might remain shut, thousands of others would be open on the other side. And if one could enter a heart through this way of love, every issue would be resolved successfully.

How fortunate are those who walk under the guidance of love, and how unfortunate are those who live blind and deaf to the love in their own spirits.