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Reflections On The Existence And Unity Of The Creator
Jul 1, 1998

On observing the face of the earth in summertime, we see that an infinite generosity and absolute liberality, which could be expected to cause disorder and confusion, are apparent within an infinite order and harmony. See all the plants which adorn the face of the earth. Also, the absolute speed in creation of things, which would normally result in imbalance and loss of decorum, is observed within a perfect equilibrium.

See all the fruits which adorn the face of the earth.

Also, the absolute multiplicity and variety, which would normally bring about triviality, indeed, ugliness, is apparent within perfect beauty of art. See all the flowers which gild the face of the earth. Also, the absolute ease in creation of things, which would normally cause simplicity and lack of art, is seen within an art, skill and attention of infinite degree. See all the seeds, which are like the tiny containers and programmes of the members of plants and trees on the earth and the small cases containing their life-histories. Also, the great distances, which would normally necessitate difference and diversity, appear within an absolute correspondence and conformity. See all the varieties of cereal grains sown in all parts of the earth. Also, the utter intermingling, which would normally cause confusion and mess, is on the contrary to be seen within perfect differentiation and separation. Consider how seeds, which are cast into the earth all mixed-up together and resemble one another with regard to their substance, are perfectly differentiated when they are about to sprout, and how the various substances entering trees are separated out perfectly for the leaves, flowers, and fruits, and how the various foods which enter the stomach all mixed-up together are separated out perfectly for the various members and cells of the body. Consider all this and see the perfect power within perfect wisdom. Also, the infinite abundance and profusion, which would normally cause triviality and worthlessness, are seen to be most valuable and most worthwhile in regard to the creatures and art on the earth. Consider among all those innumerable wonders of art only the varieties of mulberry, those sweets of Divine Power, on the table of the All-Merciful One on the earth, and observe the perfect mercy combined with the perfect art.

So, just as daytime shows the light, and the light, the sun, the great value together with or despite the infinite profusion; and within the infinite profusion, the infinite differentiation and separation together with or despite the boundless intermingling; and within the infinite differentiation and separation, the infinite conformity and resemblance

together with or despite the great distances; and within infinite resemblance, the infinite care and attention in the making alongside or despite the infinite ease and facility; and within the most beautiful making, the infinite equilibrium, balance, and lack of waste along with or despite the absolute speed and rapidity; and within utmost lack of of waste, the highest degree of beauty of art together with or despite the utmost abundance and multiplicity; and within the highest degree of art, the absolute order and harmony together with the utmost liberality-all bear witness to the necessary existence, Unity and Oneness of an All-Powerful One of Majesty, an All-Wise one of Perfection, an All-Compassionate One of Grace and Beauty, and the perfection of His Power and the grace and beauty of His Lordship. They demonstrate the meaning of the verse, His are the Most Beautiful Names (Ta Ha, 20.8). So, 0 unfortunate, obstinate, heedless one! How can you interpret this mighty truth! How can you explain this infinitely miraculous and wonderful state of affairs? To what can you attribute these truly extraordinary arts? What veil of heedlessness can you draw across this window as broad as the earth and close it? Where is your chance and coincidence and where is your unconscious companion on which you rely and call 'nature', your friend and support in misguidance? Is it not utterly impossible for chance and coincidence to have a hand in these affairs? To attribute to nature even one thousandth of the ordering of these things is surely impossible a thousand times over. Or does lifeless, ignorant, unconscious nature have machines and printing presses within each single thing, made from each, and equal in quantity to the number of individual things?