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May 2022

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Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
The Fountain

Editorial (Issue 147)

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,” the idiom goes. We tend to underestimate – or ignore totally – what falls on our share, on our side. Our eyes keep scanning across the str... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
M. Fethullah Gulen


In its capacity to manifest Divine Names and the many duties assigned to it, earth is as worthy as all the heavens. Each time the outer crust of the earth comes into contact with the atmosphere, it un... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Irfan Yilmaz

Do Not Underestimate Feathers

In daily parlance, feather is used in various idioms or phrases such as “light as a feather,” “feather-brained,” or “featherweight.” The word is often used in a diminutive effort to denote simple, eas... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Frank Giesenberg

The Veil of Ignorance

In a March 11, 2021, interview with Philosophy Magazine, Karl Lauterbach, now Germany's health minister, concluded, "Corona policy is covered by Rawls." Lauterbach, who advocates for limiting freedoms... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Hakan Oztunc

To Believe or Not to Believe

An ordinary person has to make up to 35,000 trivial decisions every day. Two hundred twenty-seven of them are about food alone. If you make the wrong choice, it is not a significant event in your life... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Kemal Atay

Love Until Death

Love is one of the few words in the human dictionary that has no clear definition. It is an ignorance of knowing and a force of feeling that keeps humans in a state of churning and longing, no matter ... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Tuncay Caglayan


The solar system consists of planets, dozens of moons, and millions of asteroids, comets, and meteors revolving around the Sun at its center. Along with all these celestial bodies revolving it, the Su... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Suffering – 1 (Chela)

Denoting abandonment of all (worldly) pleasures and delights, and the affliction and hardship one bears when overcoming corporeality, chila (suffering) is used to express an initiate’s spending at lea... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Mehmet Ates

Dying and Living Twice

“They will say: ‘Our Lord! You have made us die twice, and given us life twice, so we acknowledge our sins. Is there, then, any way to get out?” (al-Mu'min 11) The verse refers to dying twice. Th read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Kubra Eskigun

Dialogs in the Park

Tim and Adam work at the same office. It was Monday. They went to Central Park to have their lunch together. It was a beautiful, cool, cloudy fall day. On their walk to the park, they mostly talked a... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Numan Erciyes

The Giant Aquarium

Constant progress within science and technology helps shed light on secrets related to life as well as wisdom and the real purpose behind many phenomena. Science also helps us to realize that many ev read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Akif Cesur

Compassion and Forgiveness: Fastest and Safest Path to Truth

Many of us must have watched a video in which a mother antelope is sacrificing herself when she saw a crocodile was approaching from behind her fawns. Such incidences in the animal kingdom draw our a... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
Earl Carlo Guevarra

One Chance

On a cool, starry summer night I slumber on my fluffy bed As the ray of the sky’s eye Shines upon my tired body My soul goes to the world of dreams And see spectres staring at me One of them speaks... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
The Fountain

Company with the Beloved

The true Beloved is our Lord, the Merciful and Everlasting. Company with Him is to feel His presence all the time, with our entire being. One thing we should note before we expand on this companionshi... read more..

Issue 147 (May - Jun 2022)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 147)

Rewinding the clock of human skin cells Gill et al. Multi-omic rejuvenation of human cells by maturation phase transient reprogramming. eLife, April 2022. The cells in our bodies perform their funct... read more..

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