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January 2017

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Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
The Fountain

Chaos and Flourishing Hopes

None of us are willing to remain in the period to which we belong; we use our imagination, journeying back to the vastness of the past where we experience scenes of courage, or we spread our wings tow... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Small Molecule Drugs - To Fight Cancer, Heart Failure, etc.

In the pharmacology, a small molecule is described as a low molecular organic compound showing high binding affinity to targets of interest such as proteins, nucleic acids, or polysaccharides. This ... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Justin Pahl

Peace and Dialogue in a Plural Society

It is a difficult global moment for the Hizmet movement, the civil service group inspired by the ideas of Fethullah Gülen. Targeted in a far reaching witch hunt by the Turkish government, Hizmet has... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Civan Ozturk

The Universe A Short History

Has the universe existed forever? And how much do we really know about it? Only 4-5 percent of the universe is made up of what we can see today: stars, planets, and galaxies. This means that all of ... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
The Fountain

“We Have to Move Forward, Collectively”

Laila Muhammad is the Family Counseling Coordinator at Compassion Action, a New Jersey-based foundation. Community work and advocacy are a family legacy for Muhammad: her grandfather, Elijah Muhamma... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Aidan Yielding

The World through the Eyes of Honeybees

The earth and the sky are filled with “light,” which are really colors of countless different wavelengths. Different colors are visible or invisible to the naked eye. When we say “... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Bilal Buruk

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is used by medical specialists to create images and sets of data about humans and animals. This information is then analyzed in the hopes of preventing, diagnosing, or examining dis... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Nihat Balci


The sun is shining down on us. We are walking down the road that encircles the small island. Men and women, young and old; the faces are solemn, earnest, and their steps neither fast nor slow. S... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
The Fountain

Walaya (Sainthood)

Literally meaning a person, a community, or a country that is under the direction and rule of another, walaya (sainthood) denotes annihilation with respect to carnal selfhood and egoism in favor of ... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Yavuz Demirci

Technological Singularity The Digital Rapture

Singularity describes the merging of human and computer intelligence and the rise of super-intelligence as a result. Proponents of the idea of singularity try to posit it as the next step in human p... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Al Freeman

The Narcissist and the Pool

Ovid tells the story of Narcissus in his book Metamorphosis. Narcissus is a hunter; one with talent, grandeur, good genes, and charm. But he is also an egoist. He is full of himself, to the degre... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Adam Nelson

QUINOA An Alternative Grain

Quinoa, unknown in many countries, is an easy-to-digest, nutritious grain which contains the same amount of protein as meat and a greater amount of usable calcium than milk. In South America, the I... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Sumayya B. Sharaf

The Mist

Love is in the air, in the early morning mist. I inhale, and inhale This secret should be kept Here in the heart. Only then will I hear, It was never in the air. All love comes f... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Caroline Halford

The Age of Self-Awareness

Time periods are defined by the actions of those within the period and the thoughts of those who succeed them. The intentions of past societies are oftentimes forgotten in lieu of hindsight bias, l... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Greg Barton

What On Earth Has Gone So Wrong in Turkey?

Six months on from the mysterious coup attempt of July 15, the situation in Turkey has become much clearer. Unfortunately, it has also become much darker. In the confusing hours of that terrible ni... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
Richard Shields

We Are Not Spectators: A Christian Perspective

In a letter to G-20 leaders in 2013 Pope Francis stated, “It is regrettable that, from the very beginning of the conflict in Syria, one-sided interests have prevailed and in fact hindered the searc... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
The Fountain

To Reach "The Emerald Hills of The Heart"

Question: What are the pathways to better experience and benefit from journeying into the horizons of our spirituality, which is also called “Emerald Hills of the Heart”?   In a... read more..

Issue 115 (January-February 2017)
The Fountain

Blind mice have vision restored

Blind mice have vision restored Zhu et al. Immunosuppression via loss of IL2rγ enhances long-term functional integration of hESC-derived photoreceptors in the mouse retina. Cell Stem Cell, Januar... read more..

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