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July 2014

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Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
The Fountain


100 is an impressive number: It is the top score one can get on an exam; every soccer player dreams of the hundredth goal of their career. 100 is a yardstick we use to divide world history into slices read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Sacred Suffering

The human is a lone traveler in this world; we are obliged to travel for the sake of finding ourselves and to attain our essence on a long path with deep rivers and steep mountains blocking the way. I... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Micro-regulators of Life

The inventory of the universe is composed of matter, which is located in stars and galaxies. Only a small fraction of the universe is considered ordinary matter (about 5 %); most of the universe is ac... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Gokhan Aydin

Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow, and Thinking Together

Decision-making is a cognitive process that constantly runs in the background of our minds, resulting in choices made in a limited time based on available information and the cognitive ability of the ... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Mehmet Aslan

Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway: A Different Perspective

Looking at Virginia Woolf's contemplations of characters in "Mrs. Dalloway" and Said Nursi's ruminations on profound inner struggles, one might first sense some contradictions - as if two separate ide... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Donald A. Beecher

Hearts and Minds for a Country: Nation and the Construction of Self Identity

We can speak of an alienation that comes with the contractual culture of the modern state. Nevertheless, such states can represent a set of principles worthy of our allegiance. The self in the second ... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Ali Fethi Toprak

One Man, Equal to a Species

It was an interesting dream. In ancient times, creatures that were destined for destruction questioned why they were given this sentence. What was the wisdom behind such a decision? How could it be ju... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Alptekin Kavi

Perspectives on Identity and Religion

What is identity? What is its relationship to religion and culture? How does it relate to modernization? What role does religious identity play in explaining conflicting versus cooperative acts around... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Safiye Arslan

Lullaby, My Baby

Sleep, baby, sleepYour father tends the sheepYour mother shakes the dreamland treeAnd from it fall sweet dreams for theeSleep, baby, sleepSleep, baby, sleep.[1] Babies are such cute bundles of jo read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Hamza Aydin

The Bricks of Mind and Culture: Memes

Humanity exists, sustains itself, and builds civilizations upon a heritage, and genes and memes, which are altered and conserved for generations, constitute the fundamental building blocks of it. We'v... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Qabd and Bast (Contraction and Openness)

Qabd (contraction) and bast (openness), emotions felt by almost everyone during their lives, relate especially to those who live their lives consciously. Literally meaning being caught, being in strai... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Kelli Angelone

The Science of Courage, Compassion, and Connection

I'm not happy with how I look ... I'm terrible with money ... My parents are so disappointed in me ... I have a mental illness ... I have an embarrassing health issue ... If anyone knew this about me,... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Lawrence Brazier

A Greek Column

We are bound to confront Greece and the recent Greek experience with their affairs of state - meaning the one they are in. First and foremost, I have a theory. Please bear with me, for it may not be a... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Kadir Can

Major Task for a Tiny Fiber

My name is fibrillin, also known as FBN. I am a protein whose synthesis starts while you are still in your mother's womb. I was discovered in 1986. I provide services to you in my mature form, once I ... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Linda Oatman High

Dream, Believe, Fly

Dream. Believe. Fly. This is my motto in life, now that I am fifty-five. Dream, Believe, Fly. These three words have a ring, a truth, a purity. As an author of books for teen readers, I gave these th... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Kemal Serce

The Language of Leaves

The universe is a system with many secrets that are not yet understood. This perfect system is established of interwoven smaller systems, each one set in relation to the others. Looking at the relatio... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Hilal Guler

Interfaith Dialogue: Necessity and Principles

History has unfortunately witnessed many violent acts conducted in the name of faith. However, many have begun to recognize another role of religion - as a powerful source for peace and reconciliation... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Omer Arifagaoglu

The Amazing Coordination in the Brain

The human brain coordinates between its halves. Because of this incredible communication and coordination, the brain is able to seamlessly operate our body's most complex motor skills and functions. ... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Jacob Winkler

God Writes Me Poems

God writes me poemswith every sunset.The trees, stretching uplike the hands of the whirling Earth-Dervish.Oh! When will I learn to lovethe way Hafiz and Rumi love? When will I learn to embrace every ... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
Adem Arikanli

Banana: A Miraculous Fruit

  Among tropical fruits, bananas are probably the most popular, and with good reason. They are delicious and nutritious, and can be consumed by everyone, from babies to seniors. The banana plant bel... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Return of Grace

Question: The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was an epitome of generosity, full of grace for others. Could you further expound on the contributions of his generosity and benevolence to the overa... read more..

Issue 100 (July - August 2014)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 100)

Supernova explosions generated in the lab Meinecke et al. Turbulent amplification of magnetic fields in laboratory laser-produced shock waves, June 2014, Nature Physics. A supernova is the explosio... read more..

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