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September 2009

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 19 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.
Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
The Fountain

Need For a Bit More Quiet Lament

In the face of so many things happening around us, we have two options: either to ignore them, or to take action. Nevertheless, taking action does not always entail outward mobilization. A prophetic t... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Cries of Silence

For many years now, cries of silence have clamored above my voice. So many times have I been frustrated to the point that I was going to condemn the tyranny, spit in the face of the tyrant, answer bac... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Ali Kemal Unver

Mathematics and the Universe

People have very different attitudes to mathematics. While some love it, some find it very difficult and some even hate it. Even though it is true that mathematics is built on an axiomatic foundation,... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Hamdi Sener

The Amazing Story of Hearing

He has granted you from all that you ask Him. Were you to attempt to count God's blessings, you could not compute them. But for sure, humankind is much prone to wrongdoing (sins and errors of judgme read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Erdal Budak

How Lungfish are Protected from the Sun

Water means purity, beauty, and life; it would be unrealistic to talk about life if water did not exist. Though it is widely known that water is a colorless and odorless substance with no taste, the e... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Taufik Mohammad

Coping with Life's Problems: Western and Islamic Perspectives

God burdens no soul except within its capacity… (Al-Baqarah, 2:286) This verse is not strange to any Muslim. God has promised that He will never burden a person with difficulties beyond his or he read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Yasin Ceran

Need a Third Eye?

“For he who has but one tool, the hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.” Since the time of Copernicus, natural philosophers have commonly assumed there is a real, physical world that exists read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Ahmet Cetinkaya

Did Jesus Have Brothers or Sisters?

The pregnancy of Mary, the greatest example of purity, was a miracle of God and a wonder of divine creation, and the birth of Jesus, peace be upon him, was the result of this miraculous command. The Q... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

'Ibada, 'Ubudiya, and 'Ubuda (Worship, Servanthood, and Deep Devotion)

‘Ibada, ‘Ubudiya, and ‘Ubuda (Worship, Servanthood, and Deep Devotion)Although some view worship, servanthood, and devotion as synonymous, most Sufi scholars and masters say that these words have diff... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Kaptan Murat Celebi

The Tale of a Photon

I do not know where I should start to explain my life story. Perhaps the best way is to start from the time I was brought to this life. I am a particle of light, a photon. The place I was created was ... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Victor Nitelea

Romania: A Land of Peace

While undertaking a larger study on the biases and commonplaces in Romanian popular history, we encountered several deep-rooted preconceived ideas of the image of the Turk amidst the largest section o... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Hamza Aydin

Connection, Always and Everywhere

“… there is a stable order in the world as well as a well-established connection, constant norms and fundamental laws. In this sense, the world is analogous to a clock or a well-designed machine. Ev read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Seth Mette

Inspiring Story

from the memoirs of an inventor that lived long, long ago I especially love when the spider webs shine with the sunrise. The little water beads on them make an extraordinary scene in the early mo read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Nizamettin Yildiz

Action and Coincidence

It is not easy for people living today to believe that every object, every law and every incident in the universe is planned in a very detailed way. However, it is a fact that there is a seen and unse... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Abdullah Aymaz

Can I Be Your Baggage?

A significant international conference was held in Melbourne, Australia on the 15th and 16th of July 2009. The conference, “From Dialogue to Collaboration: the Vision of Gulen” was hosted by the Aust... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Bagasra Omar- Pace D.gene

A Climate of Tolerance in Rwanda after Genocide

Since the beginning of civilization, humankind has engaged in various conflicts all over the world. History offers many examples of internal conflict in countries as well as wars between them. Sometim... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Mustafa Torun

The Abyss of Modern Thought

Without attributing any value to previous eras, modern thought claims that the only true knowledge is its own, that is, knowledge that is based on rationalism and positivism. According to this view, p... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Irfan Yilmaz

It's me, Peter, your Tongue!

Peter, until now I have been speaking on your behalf, telling people of your wishes, happiness, likes, and dislikes. I have been expressing the feelings in your heart and the thoughts in your mind. No... read more..

Issue 71 (September - October 2009)
Hikmet Isik

Who are the people the Qur'anic verses 2:18 and 2:171 refer to?

Q: Who are the people the Qur’anic verses 2:18 and 2:171 refer to? A: “They are utterly deaf, dumb, and blind; they can no longer recover.” (Al-Baqarah, 2:18)“They are deaf, dumb and blind, and so... read more..

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